Country Files


On this page you will find loads of practical information about the twenty-two countries that make up the MENA region. Here is how this section works:


In the left-hand navigation, you will see a list of the twenty-countries. Each country has its own page on


Click on any country name, and a sub-menu will appear, giving you access to five categories:


- general country information

- state of the media (a brief overview of the history and development of each type of media)

- press freedom reports (a digest of existing reports from the leading press advocacy groups)

- sources (links to additional information from third-party sources)

- media landscape (a comprehensive list of each country's media outlets with addresses, phone numbers and url's).


In addition, each country page will automatically list all related content from's archives. This includes news articles, columns, blogs and audiovisual content from, as well as content from other media outlets with which we have copyright agreements (The Arab Press Network, The Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Global Voices Online, and AFP a.o.).


What's cool about this feature is that the country pages will become better and better as more and more content is added. What's more, as soon as our community section is operational, you too will be able to add to a country page's content by posting information on the bulletin board.


So keep checking back.