You pay, the Palestinians spray (the wall)


A new joint Dutch-Palestinian initiative allows anyone to post a message on the Israeli separation wall in the West Bank while at the same time supporting grassroots Palestinian initiatives.

The project originated with the Dutch Christian NGO ICCO in collaboration with the Palestinian Peace and Freedom Youth Forum, a Ramallah-based Palestinian NGO.

The principle couldn't be simpler: you pay, they spray.

By paying 30 euros anyone can send a message through the site which PFF volunteers will then spray on the 620 km. long separation barrier which Israel has been erecting in and around the West Bank, allegedly to keep terrorists out of Israel.

According to the site's FAQ, "You can write almost anything. Nonsense and humor are okay. But hurting people (in Palestine, Israel, or anywhere else) isn't. Obscene, offensive and extremist texts won't make it to the Wall."

The sender will receive three digital images of his slogan through email.

And where does your money go? According to the site, it will definitely not be used to buy weapons for the Palestinians. Instead, it will go to a series of grassroots projects in the social, cultural and educational field.

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