YEMEN: Al-Qaeda's new "e-journal"


Al-Qaeda in Yemen Launches New E-Journal – Sada Al-Malahim

On January 13, 2008, Islamist websites posted the first issue of Sada Al-Malahim [Echo of War], the e-journal of Al-Qaeda in Yemen. According to its editor, the journal was established in response to a call by Ayman Al-Zawahiri, who urged "[those] who are engaged in Islamic media jihad to strengthen their resolve... in the face of the fiercest Crusader attack that the Islamic nation [has ever known]." He added that the journal would reveal the "truth about the mujahideen's success," which "the Arab authorities are trying to conceal from the Arab public."

The first issue is 24 pages long, and its centerpiece is an interview with Abu Humam Al-Qahtani, a fighter in Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Abu Humam explains that he chose to wage jihad in the Arabian Peninsula, rather than in Afghanistan or Iraq, because the Prophet ordered "to expel the non-believers from the Arabian Peninsula... and to liberate... the Qibla (i.e. the Ka'ba) and the Prophet's mosque." He further explains that "by striking the enemy's interests in the Arab Peninsula, and by stopping [his] oil supply and the activity of the oil refineries, [it is possible to] destroy the enemy. If this happens, the enemy will not only withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan but will be completely crushed."

Other articles in the first issue deal with imprisonment as a crucial stage in the making of jihad leaders, and with women's participation in jihad, among other topics.

Posted at : 2008-01-16
Source: / Islamist Websites Monitor Project.