Niqash—an insightful discussion on Iraq
Posted on 12/08/2009 - 14:17
Amidst the deafening echoes of explosions and the subsequent lackluster reports on the number of victims in Iraq, comes the online magazine "Niqash-briefings from and across Iraq" to offer refreshing in-depth reports penned by Iraqi journalists with a focus on human interest stories. Iraq niqach 
Baha'is issued “religiously neutral” ID cards in Egypt
Posted on 11/08/2009 - 21:01
Two Egyptian Baha'is have been issued new ID cards with the field allocated for religious affiliation left blank following years of legal struggles for state recognition. The move follows a January 2008 court decision that granted Baha'is in Egypt the right to leave the box for religious faith unfilled on their ID cards and birth certificates. Egypt, otherwise, only officially recognizes Islam, Christianity and Judaism, leaving adherents of other faiths to live as second-class citizens in their own country. Egypt Bahai twin id card 
Wrong number, wrong office: Procuring information from Lebanon's government
Posted on 11/08/2009 - 20:30
Trying to get information from Lebanese government institutions is akin to pulling teeth, although a trip to the dentist would probably take less time. At present, Lebanon hasn't drafted or passed any access to information legislation despite repeated calls by local NGOs like the Lebanese Transparency Association, the Lebanese arm of Transparency International. As a result, Lebanon’s public institutions have lacked the appropriate infrastructure to deal with information requests for decades. Lebanon information goverment 
When oil talks, the planet suffers
Posted on 11/08/2009 - 20:15
In a remote hilly village tucked away under the trees of the ancient Lebanese Chouf, IndyAct held a Climate Action Media Workshop Beirut ‘09 for two days on the 5th and 6th of August "to update and guide journalists from the Arab region on the current climate change negotiations process, which will end this year in Copenhagen with a new global climate change agreement." Lebanon climate change action media workshop 
Aden newspaper editor threatened
Posted on 10/08/2009 - 16:45
The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) in Aden has condemned the harassment of Aiman Mohammed Nasser, the editor-in-chief of Al-Tariq, a bi-weekly newspaper published in Aden. Yemen Aiman Mohammed Nasser 
Global LGBT movement not inclusive of other rights issues
Posted on 10/08/2009 - 14:55
Rasha Moumneh, a researcher for the MENA region at Human Rights Watch, gave a keynote address for the Outgames Human Rights conference on a plenary panel entitled: Our Rights, Our Differences: The Global and Diverse LGBT Community. In the address, she argued that the "global LGBT movement" depoliticizes gender and sexuality, and ignores the intersectionality of different forms of oppression, in the Middle East and the "global south" at large. Global LGBT movement 
Orgy of the Dead: The 2009 Fatah Conference
Posted on 10/08/2009 - 13:31
It has been an unnatural string of days here in Bethlehem. Gone is the usual quaintness. Palestinian police are working overtime and coffee shops are being lit up by men in suits with cigars in town for Fatah's sixth general assembly. The movement, which was established by Yasser Arafat in the 1950s as a nationalist and secular group, has since fallen from its dominance after the death of Arafat in 2004. Palestine Hamas Conference 
Bingo! U.S. donors fund illegal Jewish settlements
Posted on 05/08/2009 - 20:23
The Obama administration - like its predecessors for the past three decades - has turned a blind eye to what makes illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem possible: donations from American charities. israel American Settlers 
Sudanese journalist's trial delayed
Posted on 05/08/2009 - 16:12
The trial of a female Sudanese journalist who is facing 40 lashes for wearing "incident" clothing has been postponed until early September. Reporter and United Nations worker Lubna Hussein was arrested by police in a Khartoum restaurant in mid-July for supposedly wearing pants deemed too tight. Tuesday’s court hearing turned into a tumultuous event with riot police fearing tear gas at protestors who had gathered outside the court in solidarity with Hussein. Sudan journalist  
Do not go quietly into that good night - protest tent destroyed in East Jerusalem
Posted on 05/08/2009 - 12:20
Om Kamel's Protest tent in East Jerusalem has become a hub for activists, journalists, and volunteers, inspiring others to set up similar tents, bringing attention the forced eviction and destruction of Palestinian homes. palestine quds sit in 
Don't rate the king
Posted on 04/08/2009 - 16:02
The Moroccan authorities have banned this week's editions of two local magazines from newsstands for carrying a poll about the 10-year rule of King Mohammed VI. In his supportive argument for the seizing of the magazines, Morocco's Minister for Communications, Khalid Naciri, stressed that the "monarchy cannot be the subject of opinion polls." The media group that manages both magazines, has countered Naciri's remarks, saying there is no law in Morocco that prohibits opinion polls and that the seizures were illegal. Morocco Magazines banned 
Iran: Ahmadinejad the king?
Posted on 03/08/2009 - 19:23
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has officially endorsed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner in Iran’s disputed presidential election, held on June 12 this year. The move coincides with the start of a mass-trial against opposition activists in Teheran in which more than one hundred reformist figures have been charged with crimes from treason to terrorism. Only Iran’s state-run media outlets have apparently been allowed to cover the legal proceedings. Iran Khamenei Ahmadinejad 
Deadly attack on Tel Aviv LGBT center: terror, not murder
Posted on 03/08/2009 - 17:44
On Saturday night, a masked gunman entered the Israeli LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Association’s center in Tel Aviv, opening fire with an M-16 on the participants of an Israeli Gay Youth event. 2 people were killed and 15 people, mostly minors, were injured—including six with serious injuries. The unknown attacker fled on foot and remains at large. Meanwhile, the gay community in Israel warned that Israel’s reputation for tolerance was seriously undermined by the incident. Tel Aviv lgbt attack 
To live or die: the digital age and Lebanon's newspaper industry
Posted on 03/08/2009 - 17:19
The digital revolution has revolutionized media and helped to breakdown formally established media and journalistic rules in the process. Will this digital media evolution mean the death of traditional print media? Although the discussion has been passionately viewed from both sides of the digital divide, what is sure in Lebanon is that the Lebanese newspapers are going through hard times – similar to newspapers the world over. Lebanon Newspapers 
Radio/T.V. reporter survives assassination attempt in Somalia
Posted on 03/08/2009 - 15:49
Mohamed Ibrahim Rush was the target of an assassination attempt in the Somali capital Mogadishu last month. The climate for reporters in Somalia continues to degrade as the Somali transitional government has all but ceased to function, and the Islamist militias assert more control over the country. MENASSAT talked with Rush. Somalia Mohamed Ibrahim Rush 
Lost in translation: Dutch media reporting on the ‘Arab world’
Posted on 03/08/2009 - 12:50
In Holland, newspapers report on the "Arab world" from Tel Aviv and correspondents often don't speak more than a few words of Arabic. How then is the Middle East perceived by Dutch readers? Dutch press 
UN Economic and Social Council bans Arab human rights group - oh the irony
Posted on 31/07/2009 - 16:07
Without taking a vote, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has decided to ban the Paris-based Arab Commission for Human Rights for one year after the Algerian authorities claimed the organization invited a “known terrorist” to speak on its behalf in a Geneva meeting. ACHR dispelled the incident in an interview with MENASSAT as a “conspiracy” spearheaded by Algeria as a response to a sensitive report on torture practices and rights violations in Algeria presented by the speaker. RACHID MESLI ECOSOC 
Lebanon’s ‘Never Before Campaign’ - redefining Palestinian victimization
Posted on 31/07/2009 - 12:06
The Never Before campaign was launched in Beirut, Lebanon, during the December/January war on Gaza. The seven different short 2 to 4 minute videos that have been created since then have been circulating on the web, each with a different theme, attempting to present the Palestinian issue in another light, contrary to what the Never Before Team calls, “one of victimization.” Never before campaign 
Israel continues its drive to erase history - removes references to 'Nakba'
Posted on 30/07/2009 - 15:02
With Israel’s government asserting an increasingly right wing political agenda since its February elections, the Israeli Knesset has been making moves to expunge all references to the Palestinian Nakba – or “catastrophe” – the event by which over 700,000 Palestinians were exiled, displaced or killed during the creation of the state of Israel (1948). The latest move for the increasingly nationalist Israeli government is expunging the word “Nakba” from Israel’s school textbooks. Palestine Nakba 
Breaking the lens that binds you - Gaza's women photojournalists
Posted on 30/07/2009 - 12:14
For many years, photojournalism in Palestine was the exclusive domain of men. Women were largely restricted to only taking pictures of weddings and social events. Recently, Palestinian women have burst on the photojournalist scene challenging these social norms, while receiving accolades for the work abroad. Palestine Gaza photojournalists 

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