Egypt: Bloggers arrested over Naga Hammady Visit

More than 20 Egyptian bloggers were arrested when their train arrived in the village of Naga Hammady in Upper Egypt.
Marwa Rakha
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Led by Dr Mostafa Al Naggar, the bloggers left Cairo, Alexandria, and other cities in Egypt to pay their respects to the families of the victims of the Naga Hammady massacre. Seven Christian Copts were shot dead on the eve of their Christmas, on January 7. Many others were injured as they left a church after the Christmas mass.

On his blog, Dr Mostafa Al Naggar wrote:

We were cursed by the reign of an oppressive system that ruined our lives and harmony. We were robbed of our dreams and were left to suffer unemployment, fear, and deprivation. Egypt that was once a secure haven turned into a waste land. We are no longer safe in our homes for dawn visitors in uniforms can easily snatch us from our cribs. We are no longer secure in our streets for vagabonds and criminals can arrest us and harass our women. Today we witnessed how hitmen can easily shoot us as we finish our prayers.

The bloggers unpoliticized visit to Naga Hammady was halted when the bloggers got off the train. Kareem El Beheiry wrote:

Cairo, 9:30am - Naga Hammady police forces have detained a group of bloggers and activists from different political parties and movements upon their arrival from Cairo to Naga Hammady. Their mission was to console the families of the victims and to take a stance against sectarianism. Upon their arrests, the officers took their IDs and mobile phones and they were taken in separate cars to an unknown destination.

Followed by an estimated list of the names of the detained bloggers

1- Esraa Abdel Fattah
2- Wael Abbas
3- Bassem Samir
4- Bassem Fathy
5- Ahmed Badawy
6- Sherif Abdel Aziz
7- Marian Nagy
8- Mostapha Al Naggar
9- Ro'a Ibrahim
10- Shahinaz Abdel Salam
11- Nasser Abdel Hamid
12- Mohamed Khaled
13- Sherif Abdel Aziz
14- Amira Al Tahawy
15- Samar Akl
16- Ahmed Abou Zekri
17- Ismail Al Askandarani
18- Hanan
19- Ahmed Fathi Al Badry
20- A French activist yet to be identified

Zeinobia commented saying:

Most if not all these bloggers are among the famous citizen journalists.
I do not understand why these bloggers have been detained.