Lebanese head to the American Embassy

On January 4, the day after Israel started its ground invasion of Gaza, protesters in Beirut took their demonstration to the US embassy in the hills above Beirut—a favored target of the Arab street in the region ever since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.
beirut demos-Gaza 107r.jpg
A Qatari TV cameraman who came prepared for the demonstration. Photo by Saseen kawzally

BEIRUT, January 5, 2008 (MENASSAT) - No demonstration at the U.S. embassy, according to my knowledge, has ever succeeded in reaching the embassy building. Still, these angry protesters though small in number, around 300, tried their best. The protest was called for by the "Open sit-in in solidarity with Gaza in front the UN headquarters in downtown Beirut."

More demonstrations are scheduled at the American Embassy throughout the week.

1-Rallying few hundred meters away from the police line. By then, it was clear the turn out was not massive, but the protesters marched on.



2-Some brought their children


3-And it seems, they saw "al-Zaidi" throwing his shoe at Bush, on television - a reference to the Iraqi shoe-throwing journalist Munthazer Al Zaidi.


4-At the front of the demo, one banner featuring Bush, saying "know your enemy," the other, featuring Obama says "time you chose," a clear sign people disapprove of Obama's silence so far.


5-Arriving at the first police barbwire.

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6-After several waves of water, 2 protesters hang in, others regrouping after every wave.


7- A flag is always good in a fight.


8-Regrouped, they show defiance, and the flag is raised.


9-The water canons are on again, and tear gas is released.


10-Some protesters fainted, and were helped on the spot; onion is the only available relief.


11-Only few can resist tear gas, these protesters seem unaffected by the scorching smoke.


12-Journalists take cover, as they watch on


13-Others came prepared, like this Qatari TV cameraman.


14-They found a new weapon on site…


15-The clashes wind down, as protesters begin to fatigue.


16-End of battle cigarette, but the onion is on stand by.


17-Victorious until the end, these protesters clearly send their resilience to Gaza.


18-Riot police, blocking the road to the American embassy in Awkar, look on as protesters evacuate the scene.